Signing books for my “Goodreads Giveaway” winners!

SigningBooksI recently gave away 20 free copies of my new book Cupid and the King of Muck on I’m grateful for the support we received from the nearly 800 interested readers who entered to win a copy.

So I went a step further and personally signed one for each of the winners. They are being mailed this week. Hopefully some of the individuals who won the books will find this children’s story entertaining enough to write positive reviews. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE: Amazon has some copies for a GREAT price today! Don’t miss out on the bargain! I have no idea how long they will hold this special price.

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Protecting your child’s innocence

Everyone wants their children to have the best education to ensure their appropriating rewarding careers.

But parents also want their children to grow up to become loving, caring citizens within society.

Everyone who has ever raised children knows that over time, children lose their innocence as they learn the ways of the world and succumb to its various vanities and allurements.

These negative influences are all learned. Before this, a child’s mind was not developed enough to warrant concern. That is why little children can be seen as cute even when acting badly.

But with increased knowledge, these acts become less and less cute. The problem that faces children is that they eventually learn from the world not only bad traits, but how to feign good ones while hiding their true desires from others.

This is because knowledge can exist in a different “place” from the heart. This different place is called the memory where ideas are simply stored. Unfortunately, this mental division between knowledge and the heart permits deceit, hypocrisy, simulation, hidden agendas and pretense to exist in human relationships.

A person with lots of material in their memory may seem smart, but wisdom requires that this knowledge penetrate deeper into the very fabric of the child.

Innocence is maintained when a person’s knowledge is used as a measuring stick against their heart, values and desires. This special contact between what a developing child knows and what he or she inwardly desires affects the quality of conscience.

It is the function of all true religion (and not science) to increase conscience. Concerned parents can help their children most by instilling sincere introspection in their young minds to develop a sane approach to life and its surroundings.

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Helping parents raise good children

read_togetherAll parents want the best for their children. This includes giving them the proper love, comfort and education to help them acquire the curiosity and skills they will need when they go out into the world as young adults.

However, helping your children to become good citizens can also mean preparing them to leave this world and secure a successful position in the world beyond.

In other words, parental duties should include assisting in the healthy development of conscience (spiritual dictate) early in a child’s life. This spiritual conscience develops at the start of an infant’s life when the child is held closely with love (hugging) and is played with. (Neuroscience has discovered that this loving activity actually makes more positive neural connections in the brain.) This also gives the Lord God of heaven a place to focus on within the formation of a child’s heart and mind.

What I have learned in my forty-year study of spiritual ideas is that God’s influence flows in only where there is innocence. Therefore, when a child reaches a certain age (about five) parents must be vigilant about not allowing their children to learn pretense from dividing what they know from what they really are.

Children easily learn that they can hide their innermost desires from the world by parroting their facial expressions and words to reflect acceptable social behavior from information gathered and stored in the memory. This mental division causes a child’s God-given conscience and innocence to become buried within a subconscious mind. Conscience simply becomes covered-over by a false and artificial personality.

Genuine spiritual growth occurs as conscience gains hold of and reconnects both one’s subconscious and outer habitual minds, whereby they become re-unified in innocence.

I have begun writing a series of books to help parents take part in a special kind of storytelling that will help prevent or help re-connect this split condition in a child’s mind. These imaginative stories are specifically written—first. to gain the attention of a child’s outer and worldly mind, then to penetrate deeper into the child’s heart and spirit.

Great care has gone into portraying God’s vital spiritual knowledge in these stories that will delight any child, open both the parent’s and youngster’s imagination, and create stronger family bonds of love.

I hope Cupid And The King Of Muck becomes the first story that starts up this wonderful connection between you and your child(ren)!

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Children are like little sponges

Smiley-Sponge-300x224Children are born into this world full of curiosity and with a sincere love of learning. Their young minds are like sponges. Even better, little children have not been constrained by the biases and limitations of their particular culture. They live in a world of innocence and are eager to learn. But proper education and information eludes them at this critical time of mental “sponginess.”

Parents who care are left to their blind instincts.

Not any more!

I have endeavored to create a new series of stories that will challenge children to keep their imaginative minds open and flexible all the way through adulthood and even into old age.

The world is not flat. In fact, it contains infinite lessons on building good character.

Everything in the universe can teach us about mutual love if we know how to interpret deeper meanings from the mundane qualities and objects of the physical world. This higher interpretation of reality is everyone’s birthright.

As your children learn valuable lessons of wisdom from this new series of books they will in turn help you to regain your own inner child (and sponginess)!

All you have to do is supply the hugs!

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