Children are like little sponges

Smiley-Sponge-300x224Children are born into this world full of curiosity and with a sincere love of learning. Their young minds are like sponges. Even better, little children have not been constrained by the biases and limitations of their particular culture. They live in a world of innocence and are eager to learn. But proper education and information eludes them at this critical time of mental “sponginess.”

Parents who care are left to their blind instincts.

Not any more!

I have endeavored to create a new series of stories that will challenge children to keep their imaginative minds open and flexible all the way through adulthood and even into old age.

The world is not flat. In fact, it contains infinite lessons on building good character.

Everything in the universe can teach us about mutual love if we know how to interpret deeper meanings from the mundane qualities and objects of the physical world. This higher interpretation of reality is everyone’s birthright.

As your children learn valuable lessons of wisdom from this new series of books they will in turn help you to regain your own inner child (and sponginess)!

All you have to do is supply the hugs!

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